Mission, Core Value, & Motto

Mission: To be a place of renewal where our guests meet the Creator in His Creation.

Core Value: We are determined to demonstrate God’s love and exceed our guests’ expectations by consistently delivering exceptional, Christian hospitality.

Motto: Service as Tall as our Trees.

The "Bridge to Life" Vision

The vision God has given Alliance Redwoods is to impact over one million people worldwide through Christian Camping in this “generation” (2010-2050):

· 800,000 locally at our campus in Northern California

· 200,000 globally through international satellite programs

Every year, thousands of guests cross the “Bridge to Life” at Alliance Redwoods and their lives are changed forever. Untold tens of thousands of our guests take next steps in their relationships with Christ, discover God’s direction, meet their mates, save marriages, and overcome addictions. These are just a few examples of the kinds of life changes that happen regularly as our guests experience re-creation under the canopy of God’s majestic redwoods. We intentionally set the stage for life-change by providing world class outdoor adventures in a caring atmosphere of Christian hospitality where our guests arrive as strangers but depart as friends.

Over the decades, surveys consistently indicates that 10% of our guests are spiritually impacted while here and that over 5% of them start a new relationship with Christ. Therefore, we envision over fifty thousand new friends coming to know Christ as their personal savior when they cross the “Bridge to Life” at Alliance Redwoods during this generation!

Mission & Vision Roadmap and Ministry Impact Report

For more information on our Vision, follow this link to our Mission & Vision Roadmap.

See what the Lord has done at Alliance Redwoods through our Ministry Impact Report!