“Some students said they wanted to stay forever. They loved the food, accommodations and experiences with staff.”


“We experienced God moving in a powerful way. Touching our cores we were able to be face to face with Him. No distractions from home, the children were so excited that they never want to leave.”


“As a secular non-profit, we are a little bit different in how we evaluate this. I can say that at least 30% of our attendees told me that their lives were changed as a result of the weekend. Some said that they connected with the people they were before their traumatic loss, and realized that that person was still WORTH FIGHTING FOR. Some told us that it was the most transformative experience of their lives. EVERY PERSON believed that they accessed something deeper than themselves. We do not ask about the nature of the “deeper” – because when it is there, it IS. Greater powers, greater love was present for all of our attendees while we were at ARCG.”