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Guest Group 

General Info Flyer: Take a look at helpful information for your stay

Example Menu: Take a peek at what is on the menu

Special Meal Request Form: Turn this form in to your Group Leader 3 weeks prior to arrival 

Waivers: Everyone coming on site must complete a waiver. Group leaders will be given the option to distrubute online waivers. Hard copies of waivers are below if needed.

Family Waiver

Adult Waiver

Paperwork for Youth Groups: Two documents (Chaperone Disclosure Statements & Minor Medication Forms) will need to be turned in as hard copies for all groups. 

Chaperone Disclosure Statement: Required for any adult staying with Minors while at camp. 

Minor Waiver & Medical Forms: Required for any Minor staying on camp without a Parent/Guardian

Minor Medication Form: Any Minor (not coming with parent/guardian) that is bringing medication needs to bring this form with the medication.