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Corporate Retreats and More! - May 4, 2015

Alliance Redwoods is launching a new experience for Corporate Groups who want to escape from their office and head to the woods!  Click here for more information on how you can combine an amazing day with activities, catered lunch as well as a meeting space to use for the day.

 Contact Us for any questions or inquiries.



Outdoor Education Naturalists - July 11, 2014

Summer is in full swing here at Alliance Redwoods. While we are having fun, school is fast approaching! Which means our Fall Outdoor Education Season will be starting up again. We have such a fantastic Naturalist team eagerly awaiting the arrival of students. Our Naturalists are trained to teach students science (consistent with CA standards) and facilitate challenge course activities. Our Naturalists are really what make our Outdoor Education Program a top-of-the-line experience and teachers and chaperones couldn’t agree more. Take a look at some of the things they had to say about our Naturalists:

“Overall, this has been an amazing week!  The Naturalists were knowledgeable, compassionate, and passionate about what they do.” –Maria Montessori

“I loved it and think it was ideal!  Your Naturalists were amazing and encouraging.  It is clear that much thought was put into this trip by Alliance.” –Andrew Carnegie Middle School

“Overall we had a great experience.  We appreciated the Naturalists who set clear expectations and then reviewed them each day.  The students had nothing but positive feedback about their experience.” –Loomis Union School District

“Naturalists were right there to meet us [at the beach].  We were running late, and they were excellent at adapting!” -F.C. Joyce Elementary

So, if you're thinking your school may want to participate in our Outdoor Education Program this upcoming school year, don't hesitate--give us a call!

Our Naturalist Team

Christian Hospitality: It's Who We Are - June 9, 2014

Sometimes coming to camp is more than just the experience; the outdoors, new environment, a break from the everyday. It is about feeling comfortable and cared for. Our guests often leave feeling refreshed partly because of the job our staff has done as their host. Our guests have a lot to say to thank us for our Christian hospitality. Take a look:

“I appreciate your continued pursuit of excellence, and even more than that, your attitude of true servant hood comes from the heart as an example of Christ. I feel like everything you do is a ministry—while you still maintain a professional manner. It makes you very easy to work with.” –Ripon Grace

“Wonderfully accommodating, friendly, and supporting. Everything we needed right away!” —Bethel Christian Church

“The staff is one of the best I’ve ever worked with.” —Davis Korean Church

“We love your facilities, your staff, and your hearts!” —New Life Christian

“Alliance Redwoods has all of the amenities that we need for our program, in addition to a beautiful backdrop and friendly staff.” —Berkeley LeaderShape

Our goal is to be the model of Christian hospitality. That, mixed with the stirring of the Holy Spirit creates a wonderful blend of good times had by all and lives changed by Christ. If these praises from some of our groups are enough to convince you, call to book your next retreat at Alliance Redwoods!


Username / Nickname: Adriana Lopez

First of all, I would like to thank all of the staff members. They were ever so nice, and they taught all the kids very valuable information! My daughter Lilianna, wants to "flunk" on her 5th grade report card to go back to Outdoor Education! She made me laugh my head off. On the very last day, Lilianna started crying because she didn't want tobleave our cabin in Forest Village. She was also crying because she missed Strider (one of the 2014 naturalists). She gave Strider a big hug, and walked very slowly onto the bus. We sincerely recommend the Outdoor Education camp, so all the kids have some fun.      9/26/14

Brock Elliott K-8 School

Paintball - May 26, 2014

PaintballDid you know that Alliance Redwoods has an amazing paintball course?!  We have a very unique course that is set on a wooded hill with lots of different structures to navigate around as well as forts on both ends that can be used to defend your position.  Recently we have introduced Low Velocity Paintball which uses a lighter marker (gun) and doesn't shoot as fast so that it isn't as painful on impact.  All types of groups can enjoy this experience including men's groups, women's groups, youth groups, birthday parties and group events.

Come join us for an exciting day of paintball with your group!

The Impact of Camp - May 5, 2014

We recently posted to our blog about the power of camp. Camp transforms lives, invokes curiosity about God’s creation, builds friendships, and builds mentorships all within a beautiful temporary community.

We hear so much about our guests enjoying their time at Alliance Redwoods, but it is when they share incredible stories about the power of camp, we smile. Read on for some inspiration; here are some things our guests say about camp:

“This trip brought [our] two classes closer together. They were always friendly, but now they have a common bond.” -Chacon Language and Science Acade

“Our group loved all the activities, and bonded together. They now have a deeper and stronger relationship among each other, nature, and God.” –Town and Country Lutheran School”

“I loved listening to the kids talk amongst themselves with encouraging and positive words. Great bonding experiences!” –Loomis Union School

“We [built] better relationships with each other, we saw lots of love and support from staff and within ourselves.” –Irene B West Elementary

“We had a student with autism who has never been without an aide. He shined. It was great for [students] to see what they could accomplish.” –Cobb Mountain Elementary

“This was my first experience at science camp and I truly had an amazing time. I really enjoyed watching the students challenge themselves, encourage their classmates, bond with each other, and problem solve. Thank you so much for such an incredible experience.” –Pleasant Valley Middle School

Convinced yet? These stories are proof of the power of camp! We truly believe there is something special about camp. If you’re searching for experiences like these, consider Alliance Redwoods for your next camping experience!

Seeing is Believing - April 14, 2014

Are you still thinking about bringing your kids to the Alliance Redwoods Outdoor Education Program, but haven’t quite made up your mind?  Consider visiting our campus for a tour of our program and facilities.  Teachers and decision-makers who are considering bringing their students to an outdoor education program or science camp, should tour the facility and program… ‘kick the tires’ so to speak.  We have invested a lot of time and money into the property and program in the last 5 years, and it shows!   This is something that is hard to see until you get here and see yourself.

Did you know that Alliance Redwoods is also the home of Sonoma Canopy Tours (  We are a popular destination spot for many tourists who come for our exiting 2-hour eco tour up in the redwoods.  Experience 7 zip lines, 2 sky bridges, a spiral staircase and a rappel at the end of the tour.  This is an adventure you won’t forget.  In many cases we can get a couple of free canopy tours tickets into the hands of a new school who wishes to also come tour the Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds and our outdoor education program.  Since you are taking the time to drive (in many cases from more than 1 hour away), why not make a wonderful day of it?  Load up the faculty, come on down for a tour, and finish the day with Sonoma Canopy Tours.  No obligation to buy.


Choosing a Facility - March 28, 2014

In choosing a facility for a retreat there are a lot of things to consider.  We have taken the liberty to compile a list of questions that might help in finding the right camp and conference facility to meet your group's needs.  We would love for you consider Alliance Redwoods and show you around for a tour and answer your questions!

Age: What year was the facility constructed?

Ownership: Who owns the facility?

Strengths/weaknesses: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the site?

Condition: What is the overall condition of the facility? Is it clean and well maintained?

Grounds: What condition are the grounds? What is the first impression?

Lighting: Is there adequate lighting at night?

Entrances: How many main entrances are there? How convenient is it to reach them?

Floor plan: Is there a scaled floor plan available?

Decor: What is the décor of the site? Color of carpet, walls, or furniture? Condition of furniture? What kind of limitations do you have on decorations?

Meeting rooms: How many meeting rooms are available? How near are breakout rooms to the main meeting room and to each other?

Sound issues: What other events will be going on in adjacent areas? Are the rooms soundproof? Will sound from the meeting disturb other groups meeting or nearby neighbors?

Environment: Is there air conditioning or heating? What is the average temperature during the season of the retreat?

Meeting room access: What kind of access is available to the meeting rooms? Are there elevators? Stairs? Ramps?

Entrances: How many main entrances are there? Side entrances?

Shared rooms: What group uses the facility before us? Can we share their setup or equipment in order to reduce fees? Will rooms be shared with other groups who are not part of our conference?

Emergencies: What kind of emergency procedures do you have in place?

Restrooms: How many restrooms? Where are they located? How close are they to the meeting area?

Water Fountains: Are there water fountains? How many? Where are they located?

Shielded areas: Are there areas where two-way radios or cellular phones do not work?

Telephones: Are there public telephones available? Where are they?

Experience: What size is the average group you work with?

The Impact of Challenge Courses - March 17, 2014

We have a bunch of challenge course elements here at Alliance Redwoods and when guests come here, they often choose to participate in these challenge courses. Challenge courses are perfect in a camp setting because these courses give campers a chance to take risks in a high adventure environment. Challenge courses promote personal growth, goal setting, and group encouragement.

We have our own take on this, which we call Challenge by Choice. This means participants have the power to choose how far they will push themselves on a challenge course element. They choose to step outside of their comfort zone to experience personal growth while being encouraged by others. Hundreds of kids and adults climb our courses every year, and we often hear wonderful stories about our guests’ experiences on challenge courses. Seriously, they’re inspiring. Take a look:

“One of my favorite instructional tools used was the comfort, learning, and panic zone chart as well as the “Challenge by Choice” motto. I watched a lot of kids do things or participate in things they said they wouldn’t do because of the lack of pressure. One of my kids refused to try the Piñata. He ended up trying on the harness. Then he agreed to at least hang from the cable off the ladder. He wasn’t panicked, so he went ahead and had us pull him half way up and [he] pulled the quick release. This child is absolutely terrified of heights; refused the Climbing Tower and Gecko Glider. To see him go through those steps was amazing. He is so proud of himself.” –Notre Dame Catholic School

“One wonderful thing that happened was a boy with special needs was fearful about going up the north tower.  He went over half way up.” –Salmon Creek Elementary

“My son was able to challenge himself into his ‘growth zone’ because Jayhawk let him try to put his foot on the peg and climb up on peg before harnessing him up. Then he got to go last so he could watch everyone else. She was great about letting him ease into it. I think that is the only reason he did it.” –Home School Group

The Power of Camp - February 25, 2014

Praises for Our Naturalists - February 17, 2014

Calling all teachers in Northern California! If you are still looking for a place to bring your students for science camp, check out Alliance Redwoods. We have a top notch science camp, an unforgettable outdoor education experience at our camp in Occidental, California. We’re not just saying that because, well, it’s our camp, there are bunch of teachers and parents who agree. Our Naturalists are trained to teach students science (consistent with CA standards) and facilitate challenge course activities. Check out what some teachers and parents have to say:

“Our Naturalist, Jayhawk was simply awesome! She knew how to relate to the kids, what to say to them when [they were] nervous or scared and because of her, more campers participated in the activities.” –Anderson Elementary

“Our Naturalist was prepared, had organized and age appropriate information and kept the kids enthusiastic and involved. Great job Rufio!” –Tremont Elementary

Dazzle, we all had a really great week and I feel very lucky we had you as our Naturalist. Also, all the boys really had an excellent time at campfire.” –Cambridge Elementary

Switchfoot was an excellent Naturalist and guide. Worked extremely well with the children and engaged them, taught with love, and genuinely cared.” –Thomas Jefferson Elementary

Tum Tum and Skywalker were excellent and very patient! Definitely appreciated their help and presence.” –Gibson Elementary

Snicket was excellent with the kids (and adults) Keep him! He did a great job!” –New Haven

Women's Retreat - April 25 - 27, 2014 - January 25, 2014

Havilah Cunnington is this year's speaker.

Her topic is:  RADICAL GROWTH - Getting Your Hands Dirty to Grow a Vibrant Life!


Fall in the Redwoods - October 21, 2013

Fall is the perfect time of the year to have a retreat at Alliance Redwoods.  The weather is impeccable and it usually doesn't rain until into November.  A lot of men's and women's groups look to have their fall retreat every year at Alliance Redwoods.  With a lot of activities available to enhance the weekend experience, eveyone has something fun to do.

Relax, Renew and Rejuvenate in the Redwoods!  We would love to meet you and show you around!

Common Core State Standards - October 2, 2013

We are consistently changing our growing Outdoor Education Program here at Alliance Redwoods in Northern California. We expand our program to meet the needs of the schools we serve. We create new class options, build new challenge courses, and now, with California Schools adopting the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), we use the CCSS to help shape what we teach students. When schools visit us, the curriculum we use here fits in with what is taught in the classroom. Last spring, teachers from schools responded to the changes we planned to make for our Fall 2013 Outdoor Education season. This is what they had to say:

“Adding Common CORE standards next year make Alliance Redwoods perfect for our school.”

“Your program is excellent and compliments our units of study.”

“Happy to hear you will be incorporating Common CORE standards in the next year.”

This change has been in development since the start of 2013, but we can proudly say that we have fully updated our curriculum to meet standards of the CCSS. Here are a few examples of some standards we meet:

  • Speaking and Listening (4th grade thru 6th grade)
  • Writing (5th and 6th grade)
  • Earth’s Systems (5th grade)
  • Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems (Middle School)
  • Natural Selection and Adaptations (Middle School)

For more information about Common Core State Standards click here.



Summer Wrap-up Feedback - August 30, 2013

This summer has been our busiest summer yet! We had hundreds of guests cross our bridge in hope of receiving new life in Christ. In the many summers that have come and gone since Alliance Redwoods opened in 1946, our campground remains as a place where our guests “meet the Creator in His Creation”.  Our role in this is to be the model of Christian hospitality. That, mixed with the stirring of the Holy Spirit creates a wonderful blend of good times had by all and lives changed by Christ. Check out some of the great things our guests had to say about their time at Alliance Redwoods:

“Excellent service and beautiful setting. Always very clean” –Southern California Christian Students

“Our church loved this place, the environment, and staff.” –Iglesia Cristo Viene

“Excellent staff and service.” –San Jose Christian Alliance

“Everybody loved it…Overall blessing.” –Ministerios Cuidad de Dios

“God really impacted our group this weekend. Thank you!” –Capital Christian Center

“[Alliance Redwoods] is a nice place, nice customer service.” –New Vision Christian Center

“We had so much fun and everybody bonded during the retreat.” –Peninsula Chinese Alliance

 …and even little blessings like this:

“Lots of kids gave their hearts to Jesus for the first time.” –Cathedral of Faith

“Had a girl receive Christ for the first time!”  -Living Vine             

Staff Retreat - August 12, 2013

The staff at Alliance Redwoods is on its final stretch to conclude its busy summer season.  There have been thousands of guests that have been able to get away and enjoy the beauty of the redwoods while being a retreat guest or flying through the trees on our canopy tour.  To celebrate, the staff is going to Rock N Water to go whitewater rafting!  Rock N Water is a Christian organization whose mission is "Realizing God through whitewater rafting trips in His Creation."

The mission statement for Alliance Redwoods is "Meeting the Creator in His Creation."  Same heart and same vision!  We are looking forward to it!

Praises for the Alliance Redwoods Outdoor Education Program - July 31, 2013

Teachers, gearing up for school this fall, consider a trip with your students to Alliance Redwoods! We have a top notch science camp, an unforgettable outdoor education experience in Northern California. We’re not just saying that because, well, it’s our science camp, there are bunch of teachers and parents who agree. Check out what they have to say:

For our challenge course, the Flying Squirrel (pictured above):

 “[Our Naturalist] was excellent with the kids!”

“Easier for beginners to experience ziplining, yet fun for all.” -Dallas Ranch Middle School

“This was a safe way for students to challenge themselves and step outside their comfort zone”

-Expeditionary Learning

For our challenge course, the Vertical Playpen (pictured above):

“Kids enjoyed the challenge. Probably the best challenge of the week.” -Ione Elementary

“My son was afraid of heights and he made it to the top!” -North Country Elementary

For our challenge course, the Climbing Tower (pictured above):

“It is always so fun to see the kids push themselves past what they think they can do!” -Sargent Elementary

“Great for climbers of all levels.” -Adventure Christian

Our Outdoor Education Program also includes a handful of science classes consistent with the California standards for fifth and sixth grade students. Teacher and parents also have great things to say about these classes:

(for Pond & Stream class) “Loved it. Lots of hands on. The pond was very informative—figuring out the specimens, etc.” -Kelseyville Elementary

(for Geology & Stream class) “This class was great and tied right into my classroom curriculum” -St. Helena     

(for Healthy Forest class) “Many concepts were covered in this class and the activities and role playing were great for the kids.”

So, if you're thinking your school may want toparticipate in our Outdoor Education Program this upcoming school year, don't hesitate--give us a call!

Fundraising for Schools - July 19, 2013

Fundraising is an essential part of students getting extracurricular activities.  79 percent of schools are facing cuts this year, which is leaving them with the problem of having to raise more money on their own to continue their programs.

While traditional school fundraising events such as bake sales can provide some help, some schools are teaming up with local businesses.  Those businesses can sell their goods in the school or provide regular vouchers offering discounts on products and services ranging from cupcakes to dance classes. This way, parents save money on the goods, while the cash raised through the partnership is split between the school and the businesses. The benefit for the business is an increased number of sales and a reputation as a socially responsible enterprise.

Fundraising Ideas

Often, the most challenging part of fundraising is coming up with a creative idea that will motivate the troops. Since the best idea is often found in having a lot of them, you’ll be off to a great start with your next fundraiser with these 50 easy fundraising ideas:

Once you have raised your funds, your next responsibility is to find the highest quality programs at the most affordable pricing.  The Alliance Redwoods Outdoor Education Program is one of the top science camps in Northern California, and it is also among one of the most affordable.  Give us a call and compare!!

Retreat Planning - July 18, 2013

There are hundreds of details that go into planning a retreat and it takes the help and effort of a team.  We have put together a list of things to think of when planning your retreat and a general time frame to do it in.  As always, we are more than willing to answer any questions you may have and look forward to your retreat being successful as you meet your retreat goals.

12 – 18 Months from Retreat

  • Where should we hold our retreat?
  • Who will be our speaker?
  • What will be our theme?
  • Who is on our retreat leadership committee?
  • Have we secured a contract with the ARCG?
  • Have we signed a contract and sent in the deposit?

9 – 12 Months from Retreat

  • What are the steps in planning a successful retreat?
  • What committees will we need?
  • What is our retreat budget?
  • How much should we charge?
  • What are the committee job descriptions?
  • How many volunteers will we need?

6 – 9 Months from Retreat

  • What should our retreat schedule look like?
  • What special activities are available at ARCG for our group to do?
  • What other activities would our group like to do?
  • Who will play the worship music?
  • Does our group have any special needs from ARCG?

3 – 6 Months from Retreat

  • How is our registration going?
  • Do we need some pictures from ARCG?
  • How do we tell more people about our retreat?
  • What will our marketing brochures, flyers, banners, and bulletin inserts look like?
  • How do we tell people what to bring?
  • How do we handle registration?

2 – 3 Months from Retreat

  • Have I communicated final information to ARCG?  Is there a final retreat schedule?
  • What will our retreat programs look like?
  • How will everyone get to the retreat?
  • What are the final things ARCG needs from us?
  • Do any of our members have special food allergies?

1 Month from Retreat

  • Have we completed the ARCG Retreat Checklist?
  • Have we turned in everything to ARCG?
  • Who will be our First Aid person - have we reported their room assignment to ARCG?
  • Am I reaching or exceeding my GM (Guaranteed Minimum) goals?

2 Weeks from Retreat

  • Have I contacted ARCG with our final numbers?
  • What meeting rooms will we have?
  • What are the choices in meeting room set-ups?
  • Where is everyone going to sleep?
  • Do any of our people need help getting around ARCG?
  • Are there any special electrical or lighting requirements?
  • Have I completed the last minute details?

The Retreat

  • What do we need to pack to take to ARCG?
  • Have we completed last minute registrations?
  • What are the final numbers for our retreat?
  • Does everyone know how to get to ARCG?
  • Is the speaker ready to go?
  • Have we completed all the last minute details?

Summer Camp - July 4, 2013

It is summer camp season in Northern California and hundreds of youth have crossed the bridge from their bus or car to experience the thrills of camp.  They cross over excited and energetic and they leave exhausted but even more excited having experienced so much in so few days.  From crazy activities to quiet moments in the cabins before bed, nothing beats the wonder of a week at camp.  Summer camp is often talked about as a mountain top experience and a place where defining decisions are made.  Every summer proves to be the same and it is our great joy to partner with groups and see their retreat goals met.  We live for this stuff!

Camp Helps Kids Grow - June 26, 2013

There is something special about camp.  It’s more than outdoor education and science.  It helps children grow in more ways than you might think.  Ask any teacher who has brought their class to the Alliance Redwoods Outdoor Education Program in Northern California, and they will highlight many benefits over and above the science curriculum and challenge courses.


Jeff Carter at Rockbrook says it well in his post: 5 Ways Camp Helps Children Grow

1. Social Growth: Going to a sleepaway camp means joining a close community of people living and playing together 24/7. It builds inter-personal skills like sincere communication, conflict resolution, a willingness to share, and an enthusiasm for working as a team. Perhaps more importantly, the highly social nature of camp really encourages children to make friends easily. It’s a fun, down-to-earth, friendly environment that naturally draws children together.

2. Character Growth: Camp, simply because it’s living away from home, is an ideal opportunity for children to become more independent. As they make decisions for themselves, for example when selecting their activity schedule, children learn to embrace the freedom (opportunities) and responsibility (consequences) their choices entail.  It’s a real boost to campers’ self-confidence and self-esteem when every day includes accomplishment. Of course, it can also include setbacks and disappointments, but camp is always supportive and encouraging. It inspires resilience by providing role models of courage and determination.

3. Humane Growth: An overnight camp is also a great place for children to strengthen and develop greater humane values. Starting with a general warmth and sensitivity toward others, camp fosters cooperation and respect. Camp is also a place to meet children from different backgrounds.  It provides real world reminders, despite these differences, of our common humanity.

4. Practical Growth: Camps provide an incredible variety of activities for children. They combine quality instruction, equipment and facilities specially designed to challenge kids’ abilities, nurture their artistic and creative talents, and build their outdoor adventure abilities— all practical, real world, life-long skills.

5. Physical Growth: Camp is chock full of action! Whether it be swimming, jumping, climbing, dancing or running, camp keeps kids in motion. It introduces them to all kinds of ways to develop physical skills. With all the great food, outdoor living, and big active fun, camp has important health benefits for children.

As you can see, there are many great benefits to bringing your kid away from their familiar environment and placing them in an overnight program at camp.  If you are in Northern California, and looking for a great camp program for your kids, check out Alliance Redwoods!

Looking Back at April: Christian Outdoor Education Week - June 3, 2013

 One of the highlights of April during outdoor education season is CODE Week, that is, Christian Outdoor Education Week. All of the schools at Alliance Redwoods that week are Christian Schools! We love doing this for two reasons: First, our Naturalists love the opportunity to openly talk to students about God and his Creation, while in his Creation. Second, Great Scott comes to Alliance Redwoods. While he is here, he teaches the students about God through science! Crazy, right? You’d have to be here to understand and to see Great Scott teach in is tie-dye lab coat!

Here is some feedback from schools that attended CODE Week this year:


“The classes are all great, the staff is GREAT, and we had a great time here!” -Town and Country Lutheran School


“Our students were able to challenge themselves in a safe way, where they felt comfortable, and they grew socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually from this experience.” -Town and Country Lutheran School


“We love the opportunities for the kids, the Naturalists, and Great Scott.” -San Ramon Valley Christian Academy


“Was such a joy to see the kids learn about God at TAB time.” -Vacaville Christian


“Seeing nature, God's creation. [Great Scott] was superb. He explained things clearly.” -Patton Academy


“All students challenged themselves. We also teamed up with Marin. It was a great fit for all and kids became friends.” –Trinity Christian Church


“All of our kids grew in knowledge and in their relationship with God through new found confidences.” –Adventure Christian


So, if you're thinking your school may want to join us next year for Christian Outdoor Education Week, don't hesitate--give us a call!

What is Outdoor Education and Science Camp? - May 27, 2013

Outdoor Class

Outdoor education and science camp is organized learning that takes place in the outdoors. Outdoor education programs involve residential or journey-based experiences in which students participate in a variety of adventurous challenges in the form of outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, canoeing, ropes courses and group games. Outdoor education draws upon the philosophy, theory, and practices of experiential education and environmental education.

Location – Location – Location

Location plays a large role in shaping the curriculum and experience of an outdoor education program. Alliance Redwoods is located on 110 acres of coastal redwoods just 20 minutes from the coast. If you are looking for a science camp in Northern California, it is going to be hard to find a better location than Alliance Redwoods. Our class selections (like Forest Ecology, Pond & Stream, Geology, Forest Friends, and much more) are hosted in the great outdoors of Sonoma County, which is home to some of the most diverse topography in Northern California. Alliance also hosts curriculum at the beach (tide pool studies, seal habitat, and games & initiatives) and at Armstrong Redwoods (old growth redwoods). Beaches. Redwoods. Streams. Mountains. Outdoor Education in Northern California = AWESOME!!

Even our challenge courses benefit from the grandeur of our location. No doubt; the excitement of our zip lines, giant swings and climbing elements is enhanced by the redwoods. If you are looking for top notch science camp unforgettable outdoor education experience in Northern California, bring your kids to the Alliance Redwoods Outdoor Education Program.

Verticle Playpen

The Power of Camp - May 17, 2013

Summer is just around the corner and we are expecting hundreds of kids to come to Alliance Redwoods for summer camp.  Watch this video to see the influence that camp can have on students.


Our Guests Have Wonderful Things to Say About Alliance Redwoods - May 2, 2013

We have many groups—school children, youth retreats, adult retreats, family retreats—who cross the bridge to Alliance Redwoods. Many of these groups love to tell us about their time at camp. Take a look at what some individuals had to say about their time at Alliance Redwoods:

“The environment helped to lead our ladies in their search for contentment which was our topic for this retreat.  It is hard not to feel the presence of the Lord in this place.  Thank you.” - Stony Point Christian Fellowship

“The patience and professionalism of ALL staff was of great value.” - Kiwanis International

“Praise the Lord we have fifteen new women who came for the first time and five people accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior.” - Cambodian District Alliance Women

“My son is afraid of heights and steep slopes.  He was in tears because he could not make it up the steep, muddy path to the pond.  We were very surprised when the truck showed up to take us to the pond, so he did not miss out.  This was all done very subtly to include him without spotlighting his disability.  I really appreciate how well [the Naturalist] accommodated his needs in order to include him in the group, especially during pond and stream and during the night hike.” – Parent  participating in our Outdoor Education Program                                                                                        

“All children had fun. [Our Naturalist] was amazing at coaching children with difficulties.” – Parent participating in our Outdoor Education Program

“Our Naturalist was well informed about the plants and trees and was able to answer the kids’ questions.” – Parent  participating in our Outdoor Education Program

We hope these kind words and feedback will inspire you to choose to check out Alliance Redwoods, to see what we are all about, and have some wonderful experiences and memories like these ones.

Don’t hesitate, give us a call!


Bridge to Life - April 18, 2013

Thousands of people from all walks of life venture out to Alliance Redwoods throughout the year.  Many continue to return year after year having found a sacred space where God continually works in their life and refreshes their soul.  The one thread that we hear again and again from people is that once they cross the bridge, they leave their worries behind in the parking lot.

The bridge isn’t special in and of itself but, it does seem to represent a chasm between the demands of everyday life and the space to retreat.  There are a lot of hidden things that happen when we are able to turn the noise of life off for a time.

  •     One is able to hear clearly when God's word is spoken and have time to respond.

  •     You can see God in nature all around you as you are surrounded by beautiful redwood trees.

  •     There is a shared connection that happens with the people that you are with.

Countless lives have been forever changed by God on the other side of the bridge.  Consider bringing your church group for a retreat and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation!

Bridge to Life

Alliance Redwoods Naturalists - April 12, 2013

ARCG Naturalists

The votes are in, and it is unanimous:

The 2013 Alliance Redwoods Naturalists are AWESOME! 

If your school has come to our science camp, you probably already know that our naturalists are a BIG reason we boast one of the top outdoor education programs in Northern California.  Each of our naturalists holds a college degree and teaches California certified science curriculum for 5th and 6th graders.  They are here to help your students grow in knowledge, to cultivate respect for the environment, to stir up wonder for nature, and to challenge your students to grow in character.

A recent evaluation from a visiting school says it all:

“We enjoyed all the challenge courses, and felt very safe.  You can tell that the naturalists are well trained.  They were so encouraging and made the difference to all of our students…. Our naturalists were AWESOME!!”

Are you looking for a great Northern California science camp?   One thing that separates Alliance Redwoods from the rest is our naturalists.  They do more than teach science curriculum.  They help with ropes courses, team building, games and initiatives, adventure activities, and challenge courses.  This is more than science camp.  It is an unforgettable outdoor education experience!

Strike a pose!

Favorite Memories - April 2, 2013

What is your favorite memory from Alliance Redwoods?  Believe it or not, a lot of life changing events happen under the redwoods ranging from people giving their lives to Jesus, to others proposing to their future spouse, and everything else in between.  Every year thousands of people visit us and walk away with their own story.  What is your story?  We would love to hear it!

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Summer Retreats - March 26, 2013

Summer is just around the corner here at Alliance Redwoods and a great time to have a retreat in the Northern California redwoods.  Whether your church our youth group is considering a retreat or seeking renewal in the outdoors of Sonoma County, Alliance Redwoods is ready to serve you!

Click on our activities page to see all of the options that you can do during your stay.

KLOVE Radio Ad - March 15, 2013

Check out the radio ad for the marriage conference from KLOVE.

Marriage Conference - March 15, 2013

Dr. John Trent

Dr. John Trent will be here for a one day marriage retreat on Saturday, March 23.  Come out with your spouse and invest in your marriage and be encouraged.  Click here for more information.

Session 1 - The Choice for a Great Marriage and Family

Session 2 - Bringing the Blessing Home

Session 3 - The 2 Degree Difference: Four small things that can begin to change everything when you get home


The Blog is Live! - March 15, 2013

Welcome to the blog at Alliance Redwoods!  We are excited to be able to keep you updated on the latest happenings.  Spring Season is in full swing with a lot of Outdoor Education students rolling through and we have a lot of weekend retreat guests enjoy the redwoods as well.

More posts to come!